Adventurers Wanted!

Rift Created

  • Signs of a huge Rift have been spotted in the north of the Kingdom.
  • Use Rift Stones to summon Rift Bosses that you can defeat with your Party members.
  • Once Rift Bosses are eliminated within the time limit, all party members can obtain various rewards.

Eliminate Rift Bosses

  • Each Party member can enter the Rift once to eliminate monsters.
  • Once all party members have entered the Rift, you need currency to enter Rift additionally.
  • You can gain a party buff if you challenge the Rift alongside your party members.

Obtain Rift Stone

  • Rift Stones can be obtained at a set rate from Archeology Lab > Exploration.
  • The higher the Exploration Level, the better chance to obtain higher grade Rift Stones
  • They can also be obtained from Boxes on the World Map at a rare chance.

Rift Monsters:

  • While in the Adventurer League, you'll be ranked based on your progress in Adventure Mode.
  • Higher-ranked players will be awarded Soul Stones once the Adventurer League season is over.
  • Rewards for Season 12 and on are as follows:
Reward Group
Infernal Lord
Blue Gem
Exploration, Mystery Box, Shop
Storm Empress
Skill Scroll
Exploration, Mystery Box, Shop
Earth Tyrant
Iron Ore
Exploration, Mystery Box, Shop
Tidal Wave Guide
Exploration, Mystery Box, Shop
Daybreak Arbiter
Research Ticket Fragment
Exploration, Mystery Box, Shop
Abyss Gazer
Craft Ticket Fragment
Exploration, Mystery Box, Shop
The bigger the level gap between characters and monsters, the lower the available amount of rewards.