Adventurers Wanted!

Rift Created

  • Signs of a huge Rift have been spotted in the north of the Kingdom.

  • Use Rift Stones to summon Rift Bosses that you can defeat with your Party members.

  • Once Rift Bosses are eliminated within the time limit, all party members can obtain various rewards.

Eliminate Rift Bosses

  • Each Party member can enter the Rift once to eliminate monsters.

  • Once all party members have entered the Rift, you need currency to enter Rift additionally.

  • You can gain a party buff if you challenge the Rift alongside your party members.

Obtain Rift Stone

  • Rift Stones can be obtained at a set rate from Archeology Lab > Exploration.

  • The higher the Exploration Level, the better chance to obtain higher grade Rift Stones

  • They can also be obtained from Boxes on the World Map at a rare chance.

Rift Monsters:

  • While in the Adventurer League, you'll be ranked based on your progress in Adventure Mode.

  • Higher-ranked players will be awarded Soul Stones once the Adventurer League season is over.

  • Rewards for Season 12 and on are as follows:

The bigger the level gap between characters and monsters, the lower the available amount of rewards.

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