Players become Adventurers and journey with other characters in the world of Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid.


Adventurers in Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid work together to defeat monsters.

A group of Adventurers is called a party. A party consists of 4 Adventurers.

Each Adventurer plays a specific role in the party.


  • Knight stands firm at the forefront of the party.

  • Knight uses his shield to protect the party from enemy attacks and keep the party safe from harm.


  • Mage generates magic to deal tons of damage.

  • As the party's primary damage dealer, she unleashes magic from her fingertips to annihilate enemies.


  • Rogue is also tasked with inflicting damage to enemies.

  • With her swift movement, only the bloodstains of enemies remain in her wake.


  • Druid plays a vital role in protecting the party.

  • Her skills can heal party members, allowing them to get back into the fight.

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