Use the power of the elements that encompass the world of Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid to defeat your enemies.
Skills are the key to attacking enemies, blocking damage, and protecting your party members.

How to Obtain Skills

  • Skills can be obtained at the Shop, Tower of Knowledge, or through login rewards and events.

Enhancing Skills

  • There are 12 Skill Grades (R, R+, SR, SR+, SSR, SSR+, UR, UR+, USR, USR+, LR, LR+).
  • Using Skill Scrolls and Element Skill Scrolls, skills can be enhanced up to a character's max level.
  • However, some skills have their own max level based on their grade.
  • Skills can be fused with an identical copy to enhance their grade.


  • Each skill has an Element (Fire, Lightning, Earth, Ice, Holy, and Dark).
  • Fire is strong against Lighting, Lightning is strong against Earth, and Earth is strong against Ice.
  • Holy and Dark only interact with each other.
  • Adventurers are encouraged to prepare for the most effective matchup based on an enemy's Element.
  • Element Efficacy will put you at an advantage or disadvantage during battle.
  • Use your skills strategically to gain the upper hand.

Skill Mastery

  • Based on a long study at the Skill Lab, we have finally found a way to amplify skill effects.
  • Spend Mythril or Gold on the Skill Settings screen to increase the Skill Mastery Level.
  • Raise the Skill Mastery to boost the selected slot’s skill effects.

Skill Master Level

  • Skill Mastery Level can increase through mastering skills.
  • The amount of the boosted Mastery Level will be given randomly.
  • Based on your Skill Mastery Level, its achievable grade differs. The higher the Mastery Grade is, the lower the chances of gaining better Masteries.
  • As the Mastery increases, it also increases the skill multiplier of that slot.
  • If your skill levels are low, there may be restrictions on the skill multipliers even if the Mastery is high.
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