In-Game Currencies

Various currencies in Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid

Soul Stones

  • You'll be awarded these unique stones for outplaying the competition in the Adventurer League.

  • Soul Stones are rare jewels used to craft [SSR] gear and purchase the most valuable of items at the Shop.

  • Exchange Soul Stones for CTXT at the XPLA GAMES and use them to craft mighty NFT gear.

  • Methods of earning Soul Stones may be added or changed in the future.


  • Earn Mithril from Mithril Mines or by completing special missions.

  • Mithril is used to craft [SR] gear and purchase rare items at the Shop.

  • You can exchange Mithril for CST at the XPLA GAMES.

Dimension Coin

  • A Dimension Coin is an in-game item that allows you to convert Mithril to CST.

  • One Dimension Coin is used at a time when converting Mithril to CST.

  • Conversion is not available if you don't have Dimension Coins.

Adventurers can obtain Dimension Coins from in-game contents.


  • Gold is an essential currency for your overall growth. It can be obtained from places like Adventure mode.

  • You'll need Gold to enhance gear, learn skills, and upgrade your Relics.

Blue Gems

  • Earn Blue Gems as you play the game. Use them on Skill Draw and in the Shop.

Red Gems

  • You can obtain Red Gems through in-app purchases and use them on Skill Draw, Accel, and more.

Iron Ores

  • You'll need Iron Ores to enhance gear. They can be obtained from Idle Rewards and Chapter Dungeons.

  • They're used at the Forge and also go into crafting [R] gear.

Ancient Coins

  • You can earn Ancient Coins as Chapter Dungeon Clear Rewards.

  • Ancient Coins can be spent on items at the Ancient Shop that'll help you on your journey.

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