Soul Gear NFTs

NFT gear is considered to be the most powerful gear in the game.

NFT gear comes in various forms and possesses unique strengths.

Owning and using NFT gear allows you to progress faster and earn more Mithrils.

How to Obtain NFTs


Anyone can obtain NFTs as long as they have the right gear and tokens.

To start off, exchange the Soul Stones and Mithril you earned from gameplay for actual tokens like CTXT and CST.

Then use your tokens to craft Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid NFTs.

There are two ways to craft NFTs:

  1. Lv. 10 [SSR+] Gear x2 + CTXT + CST

  2. NFT Gear x2 + CTXT + CST (Craft attempts are limited.)

Each piece of NFT gear can be used as material up to 5 times. Once you reach this limit, they can no longer be used as material.

Please note that you have to "LOCK" your NFT in XPLA GAMES in order to mint or equip it in-game.

Don't worry if you can't see the enhancement level of the NFT gear in XPLA GAMES. The enhancement level of the NFT gear can only be seen in-game.

Purchasing NFTs

You can also buy Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid NFTs from the X-PLANET.

NFTs you've purchased can be found at the XPLA GAMES.

You can then transfer them to Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid via the XPLA GAMES. Characters can use these NFTs as gear in-game.

Please note that the enhancement level of the NFT gear will RESET when the owner of the NFT changes (trading between players, and in Marketplace).

The enhancement level of the NFT gear will NOT RESET when utilizing LOCK/UNLOCK functions in the XPLA GAMES.

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