Adventure League

Adventurer League

  • The Adventurer League turns amateur Adventurers into full-fledged professionals.
  • All players must make their way through this league when they start the game. Each season runs for 15 days.
  • Adventurer Leagues open every 12 days, and every new adventurer undergoes the Adventurer League.
  • Become a true Adventurer by engaging in party play with other players participating in the same season.
  • Once the Adventurer League ends, you can play with Adventurers who completed the league during a different season.
The duration and the open cycle of the Adventurer League may be adjusted in order to sustain a healthy token economy.


  • While in the Adventurer League, you'll be ranked based on your progress in Adventure Mode.
  • Higher-ranked players will be awarded Soul Stones once the Adventurer League season is over.
  • Rewards for Season 12 and on are as follows:
Reward Group
Soul Stones (Party)
Soul Stones (Solo)
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th - 20th Place
The ranking reward is variable and may be adjusted to sustain a healthy token economy.
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