Ancient Fortress

  • The Ancient Fortress is a dungeon that rotates daily.

  • Each dungeon offers different rewards.

  • Dungeon changes at GMT+8.

  • Rewards: Element Skill Scrolls (Fire, Ice, Earth, Lighting, Holy, Dark)

U. Labyrinth

  • A multi-floor labyrinth. Reaching the higher numbered floors will net you more rewards.

  • Adventurers can challenge this mode again during designated times. After that, all progress will be reset.

  • Rewards: Skills, Relics, Gold, Blue Gems, and more.

Chapter Dungeons

  • Clear stages by challenging Bosses in Adventure Mode.

  • A Chapter Dungeon is activated once you clear all the stages for a chapter.

  • Rewards: Ancient Coins, Blue Gems, Gold, Skill Scrolls, Iron Ores, Skill Ticket Fragments, Element Skill Scrolls, and more.

Mithril Mine

  • The Mithril Mine appears in Chapters 4, 6, 12, 15, and 20.

  • A powerful boss awaits you in the Mithril Mine. Defeat the boss to earn Mithril.

  • Mithril Mines open every 8 hours and adventurers can obtain Mithril based on their chapter progress.

  • Please refer to the table below on available rewards at Mithril Mines:

Adventurers can earn up to 5,000 Mithril per week by clearing Mithril Mines.

The clear rewards may be adjusted to sustain a healthy token economy.

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